Busdriver’s “Perfect Hair”: Alternative Hip Hop’s Best

Busdriver was the artist who got me into rap and hip hop music. Up until I heard his song “Imaginary Places” in early high school I only really listened to music with loud distorted guitars. Busdriver opened my eyes to a whole new world of music. Last year he put out his tenth studio effort “Perfect Hair” and the ‘Driver still continues to blow me away.

“Perfect Hair” is one of the most dense albums I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. Most of the music for these tracks was produced by Kenny Seagul, who also mixed the album. His beats are made up of layers on top of layers of percussive goodness, and every time I listen through this album I pick out some new sounds I haven’t heard before. The track “Eat Rich” is a great example of this instrumental excellence.

But what really sells this album for me is Busdriver’s performance and his lyrics. The way he phrases his words is just so off the wall. The listener never knows what flow is going to come next and in my opinion this originality really sets Busdriver apart from other rappers. Not to mention his style really paved the way for some of the more out-of-left-field hip hop that is beginning to become popular. Here is a great example of Busdriver’s wonderful rapping, as well as some amazing guest spots (Danny Brown is incredible on this track)

Long story short, I have a personal soft spot for Busdriver’s music, and I would recommend that everybody check out his new album “Perfect Hair”


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